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Parents today are under immense pressure to turn out perfect kids--especially Christian parents. So it isn't surprising that many of us suffer tremendous guilt and uncertainty. Today we wonder: How do I balance work, home, and church? Am I giving my kids the best that I can? How do I share my faith with my kids? How do I find the right parenting resources with so much information available out there and so little time? The ADVENTIST PARENTING newsletter can help.

In each issue of ADVENTIST PARENTING we address issues of family faith and offer practical advice by age category to help you raise confident, God-centered kids. We also point you to resources to help answer your questions about topics such as instilling values like honesty and kindness, building your child's self-esteem, developing your child's relationship with Jesus, disciplining your child, as well as uniquely Adventist topics such as making Sabbath fun for you and your child.

ADVENTIST PARENTING e-magazine comes out every other month and is only available through email subscription. Feel free to print off copies and share with your church, family, or friends.


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